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Data Entry Form is a program for data collection of pen and pencil forms. It was mainly... Details

Automatic typing and data entry. It's like copying multiple items into the Windows... Details

DEER (Data Entry Engine for Reports) allows teachers to securely enter academic reports... Details

The program enables you to enter your tax data and create a file in approved EDI... Details

Peter Blum is one of the best-known asp.net web control programmers. After many years... Details


Data Entry Employment in Software Title

1. Data Entry Form 0.3 Data Entry Form is a program for data collection of pen and ... DetailsDownload 

2. PCSentinel's AutoKeys: Auto Typing and Data Entry! 1.2.3 Automatic typing and data entry. It's like copying multiple ... DetailsDownload 

3. DEER (Data Entry Engine for Reports) 1.0 DEER (Data Entry Engine for Reports) allows ... DetailsDownload 

4. IFTA ETF Data Entry System - Version 2 2.6 ... to enter your tax data and create a file ... DetailsDownload 

5. Peter's Data Entry Suite 4.0 Peter Blum is one of the best-known asp.net web control programmers. After many years building UIs for commercial Windows and Macintosh applications, Peter has applied his skills to building feature rich and useful web controls since 2002. 1000s... DetailsDownload 

Data Entry Employment in Software Keywords

1. InTrek Lite General ... asset information into a database. As assets are moved ... helps speed up the data entry process of the application ... is stored into the database it is stored in ... thus speeding up the data entry process. DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: data entry process , asset information , entry process , data entry , contact information , information , asset , user , application , stored , store

3. Active Table Editor ... ANY table in ANY Database. Let's imagine following situation ... reports. You know the database structure pretty well and ... print and export the data. You may use Oracle ... menus, security settings and data entry forms. All this complexity... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: data entry forms , Table Editor

4. NRGValidate - FileMaker Pro 1.5 ... address management in your databases? First, it will help ... quality at time of data entry so that customer does ... to correct errors - Simplify data entry by performing city-state ... based on zip code entry - Built- in bulk address ... DetailsDownload 

Tags: filemaker pro , data entry , address validation , address management , address correction , address , validation , delivery , data , addresses , validations

5. BosqMap 1.2 ... add, view and edit data held in MapInfo tables ... dialog boxes to display data in a standardised format with multiple options for data entry and viewing. It has ... field and simplifies MapInfo data entry and collection and minimises ...... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: mapinfo form , mapinfo , mapbasic , forms , dialog boxes , gis , mapping , data entry , digitising , photographs , documents , autocomplete

Data Entry Employment in Software Short Description

1. HourBill - fast time + expense management, timesheet and billing 3.0.1 ... spent. It features fast data entry, a clean user interface ... an Undo/Redo system for data entered into an account, invoice or entry screen. * generate invoices ... for each account or entry. * hourly pay rate ... each account and each... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

2. Scytec DataXchange Data Entry 1.0 Scytec DataXchange Data Entry app is designed to work with the DataXchange Process Control System allowing manual data entry relating to manufacturing shop ... downtimes and other operational data can be entered. DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

3. Walasses First 1.0 ... several key components including data entry, main page displays, Messages ... and even Geo-location data entry. The software was developed ... for even one handed entry modes. An upgraded version ... Yearly * Auto-Recurring Entry * Can... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

4. Kavya VAT Software 1.0 ... by computer beginners- Give Data entry to the Annexure A/B/C in easy 4 entry's only & the Data will be Automatically imported ... do direct e-filling- Data that will be Auto ... DetailsDownload 

5. CartoMobile 1.4 ... into a mobile geospatial data entry device. View, add, or edit data in the field. Add ... to view and maintain data in real time. In ... connection to browse local data sets and enter information ... and polygons with attribute data - View... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Data Entry Employment in Software Long Description

1. StatPac Data Manager 8.2 The Data Manager can be installed ... person can be entering data for a job. This ... high-volume in-house data entry capabilities. The free version of the Data Manager has the same ... is limited to 35 data records (respondents). Main features... DetailsDownload 

2. Promasys 7.0 (0.0.3404) ... friendly and quality controlled data entry and subject management to ... iPad app is a data entry tool that connects to a database of the Promasys clinical data management system. By default ... for quality controlled clinical data management... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

3. DC Data Entry Validator 3.71 DC DataEntry Validator is a program ... that lets you check data entry according to your own ... as you type limit data to specific characters and ... a complex application. With DataEntry Validator you can spend ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: data entry , data Entry Verivication , data Entry Validation , dataentry Validation , dataentry Verivication

4. EpiData Entry 3.1 EpiData Entry is used for simple or programmed data entry and data documentation. Entry handles simple forms or ... features. E.g. double entry verification, list of ID ... files, codebook overview of data, date added to backup ... DetailsDownload 

5. ACE Data Entry 1.0 The ACE Data Entry app is a fast ... to record student performance data on all programs within ... With the free ACE Data Entry app, existing ACE users can collect data and sync the results ... folder! With the ACE Data Entry App users can:... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

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